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we are down for spring cleaning be back lotsa brooms andmops topay with hehehe...seeya soon,

Hi everyone, welcome to our Picture Gallery. In here we have some great photos of the fuzzy members of our family.

I would like to introduce you to Bobo, Regina's little man. Awwwww isn't he sweet, he is, that is my little man

Just chilling here by the refrigerator it is his favorite spot. He can keep an eye on everyone this way.

YAWN, ho hum, what should I do

Now this is my girl "Chloe" watching what Bo-Bo is doing with those Christmas presents...hmmm

They are mine all mine!!! My Christmas presents no one elses!! All MINE!!

Now onto the Carol Marion family of "fur faces"

Now this is "Teddy" you are right, he is a dog..shhh no one has told him. He is the ferrets mascot.

Now here is another family member, not exactly a ferret, but he would never know. This is "Tigger", he belongs to Dawn, Carols daughter.

Meet Casper and Codey, these two are the best of friends.I think they are planning the "Great Ferretone Caper".

psst...pssst...Listen now this is important

Now this is Cassidy he belongs to Dawn, and he just loves sitting back and taking it easy. A lot goes on when he visits after all Carol has 12 in her furry family

Now listen Grammy Carol, my Mommy Dawn lets me have it all....really.

Oh come on, please just let me lick this awhile. Cassidy promises to be good then, if you don't let me lick it I just may have to do something. Pwease

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