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This is Dawn on her wedding day with her most favorite little man...Cassidy....maybe he is allowed to drink that Ferretone...better tell Carol. Isn't Dawn beautiful....(sigh) and guess who she looks like!!

Now here is a lady if I ever saw one. She is Carols alpha sweetheart, her name is Bambi. Now just look at that face can't you tell she is a born leader.

Now here is Teddy and Robbie, sharing a buddy moment..listen "I tell you Teddy you are a dog" listen I'll explain it all over again

Now Bambi interupts...EXCUSE ME, now Teddy who would you believe, me or HIM, just look at me Teddy. I know what I am talking about. You are one of us you just ate more and got bigger and bigger and bigger.Bend down a little closer let me tell you more...
Yes and I love you, you big lug!

Now this is Brownie, Carols newest addition, when she came to Carols she was just a whisper of a ferret. Now she is a voluptuous young lady, and lovin every minute of it!!!!

Hi Ho Hi Ho.... It is off to work I go..I know I can grow into them just give me time!

This is Cinderferretta, ooops I mean Candi hard at work. Candi gets what Carol misses with that furry tail!! Wonder if those bristles taste good let me try.

Hi there I am "Tina", and no I am not having a bad hair day, I am just a totally "beautiful kitty", the real cats...meow..

Who me, oh, I am Butchie, I got lost when my family moved, if someone sees me please tell my family. I know they are worried.

This is Carols' Bootsie, her first kitty, she is at the Rainbow Birdge, she watches down over all her family, she is our "Angel Kitty"

There is more to see, come on now, follow me, pwease.