Welcome to "The Vault and Mines" of R&C Gif Manor

Please be patient, here within our vault and mines you will find precious gems, set and unset, gold, platinum, and silver, of all descriptions. They are heavy and well secured so they may take a moment to load but you are welcome to take home what you like as long as you transload to your own site.
PLEASE DO NOT ADD OUR "ORIGINAL" CREATIONS TO YOUR COLLECTIONS BUT you may manipulate our things and make things from them, but they are not to be added in their original form, to a collection of sample things, or as they appear here on our website. If you do use our things we do want a link back to our site. If you have any questions regarding this please write us.

Our Link Banner

Our NEW Flash link banner, our return link is already embedded, just add this as a regular image

For computer users who can not view or use flash files please use this banner, and link it back to us at https://members.tripod.com/CARE02/index-46.html

Are you making pretty things with all this gold, do you have a website you would like to share and show everyone?? We'd be very Happy to see you add your link so all can enjoy...

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Our travel bus for your convenience, for those of you wishing to travel back to The Vault 2

All vaults and mines are dark and sometimes they lead to empty chambers, but don't worry they will be filled up soon. Should you get lost on your way, each area will be marked with a vault button that will bring you back here, you can also use that to access the tool.

If you do not transload these gifs to your own server they will disappear in a very short time, our server DOES NOT allow linking. You can view these gifs during a short time frame the server has allowed.

If you go beyond this "time window" you will get a message that it is a "Tripod File" If you wish to view it again or if you send it to someone so they may view before transloading and this window pops up this is what you do...Press your "GO TO" button, click on "SHOW LAST" when the addy of the gifs appears in the window click on "GO TO PAGE" this will allow you to view or transload, it will not allow you to link. This works on most servers that block linking.

We have added this tool to help you mine your diggings the legal way.(no linking)..Don't be a free loader...transload it!

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Okay miners, and vault pickers let's go pull on that door it is old and rusty!

PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY "TERMS OF USE" ON FOLLOWING PAGE...The Vaults carry different usage then our Main Site R&C Gif Manor