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WHOA...look at those scores! Your site is up is going to WIN!!!

So would you like to join a contest? Now these are fun we belong to them and even run some of them. The great thing about these contests is that even if you don't win you get a lot of site traffic just from being in the contest. You don't even have to vote to be in them. But if you are competitive, after you have signed up for them send the vote buttons to all your friends, and put it on your e-mail.

All Sites Welcome
R&C Gif Manors Site Contest-AWARDS To Winners

Koukalaka's Site Contest-AWARDS to Winners

All Animal Sites Welcome
Ferretmoms Site Contest-AWARDS To Winners

All Dog Sites Welcome
The Dog Pound Site Contest-AWARDS To Winners

All Spooky Sites Welcome
Hauntings Spooky Site Contest-AWARDS To Winners

Yep there are some who CHEAT but don't let that discourage you everyone knows who these people are, and they aren't fooling anyone. Now isn't the reason you are in the contest to get your site more viewing so dont get discouraged and enjoy...and don't forget there are some fantastic sites listed on these contest, visit them and don't forget the guest books.